Write for us

Want to contribute in making better Data Driven society? Big data is a vast world, and I would welcome you to write for us.

The Data Mage is the professional blog of Tirmidzi Aflahi, a contributor in FreeCodeCamp.org publication.

As a contributor to open source community myself, I always encourage people to share their own knowledge back to people.

No matter how little your information is, I believe many people don’t know about that. And I really suggest you to reach out those people using this website.

Let me share you why you should write for us:

  • I am a contributor in FreeCodeCamp.org publication with 500k+ subscriber in medium. If your article seems related with the article I publish in FreeCodeCamp, I will immediately put a link into the article. Or even to your website.
  • Several of my pages are in page one of google i.e. for keyword like facenet tutorial and top machine learning projects
  • Big data is a big hyped world and I think there is no end to the hype.

How to write for us with your Big Data article

  1. Sent me an email to aflahit@gmail.com with subject: Write for thedatamage
  2. Attach a word document with your post draft. You can include links to your website. Add images in a separate zipped archive.
  3. I will send the following instruction in the email reply.
  4. If accepted, your post will be published immediately.

Easy, isn’t it?

Oh, of course, there are several things you need to consider when trying to write.

  1. Add good images or another media. Aesthetically good post will be preferred.
  2. Don’t post wall of text. Consider to separate long paragraph into two.
  3. Add copyright and credit if possible. The Data Mage respects individual work.

That’s it.

I really welcome you all. Please don’t be shy and share the word to people.